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Bay Gardens specializes in Revegetation and Native Plantings for Suffolk County, Nassau County & the Hamptons. We have worked for homeowners, builders and local municipalities to help reclaim native vegetation to disturbed areas and return the land to its natural beauty, filled with native flora and fauna. Aside from offering experience in revegetation, we also offer custom revegetation design plans to meet the requirements of townships such as Brookhaven, Southampton, East Hampton and more.

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Native Plants

We Offer:

Additionally, our nursery stocks an array of locally indigenous and native plants such as:

  • Myrica pennsylvanica (Bayberry)
  • Ilex glabra (Inkberry)
  • Vaccinium angustifolium (Lowbush Blueberry)
  • Amelanchier Canadensis (Shadblow)
  • Panicum virgatum (Switch Grass)
  • Ammophila Breviligulata (American Beach Grass)

Please see our portfolio for past revegetation and native planting projects.

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