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Bay Gardens employs a full-time installation team and proudly installs all of the products we sell. Our installers have over 50 years of combined experience handling and planting nursery stock and complete each installation neatly and professionally.

Our typical installation rate is 65% of the cost of the tree or shrub. For example, if a Cherry tree has a price tag of $125, the additional cost to install that tree is $81.25. The installation cost includes the labor to physically plant the item and backfill it. Items such as staking and wiring are extra and can be arranged before installation as necessary.

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Please note that we do not offer a full-warranty on our plantings. We do offer a limited warranty in that we guarantee that you received a healthy plant and proper installation techniques. We can not guarantee for things such as lack of water, improper care or maintenance.

Also note, we do service both Suffolk and Nassau Counties. However, during the peak season, we may require a minimum transaction amount for installations and may limit our installations based upon proximity.

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