How Our

Delivery Works:

We do not use common carriers (UPS, FedEx) to ship our product. We have our own in-house delivery team that performs all of our deliveries. Our crew is experienced and trained to handle your order properly and with care.

When you check out, your delivery charge will be assigned via our pre-determined rates by zip code. Your order then goes into our delivery log and you will receive an email indicating which day your delivery will be arriving. We assimilate deliveries in close proximity to maximize efficiency. You may request a delivery day but it can not always be granted as there are a number of factors that go into how we route our deliveries.

When you receive the email regarding the delivery day, there will not be a time frame for delivery. This time frame can not be determined until the day before delivery. You are welcome to email us anytime after 3 PM the day before your delivery or the morning of to get a more distinct time frame for your delivery.

Your time frame is our best estimate based upon when the truck is scheduled to leave as well as its scheduled stops. This is only an estimate and your delivery may arrive outside of this time frame. Sometimes the deliveries run ahead of schedule, sometimes they are behind schedule. Either way, it is typically out of our control. There are a number of factors that go into it including traffic, weather, truck issues and others. We do our best to give you as accurate a time frame as possible as a favor, if your delivery does not come within your time frame, please be patient as something must have happened along the way and your delivery will certainly be arriving soon.

Our deliveries are strictly a driveway drop only. Our employees are not allowed to carry items throughout your yard for insurance reasons. Please do not ask them to do so. If you have extenuating circumstances where the tree must be placed, please email us prior to delivery to discuss this. Please note that if this service is required, there is a fee.

We have been delivering nursery stock throughout Long Island for well over 15 years. You can trust us to deliver your order efficiently and with care.

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